Chapter 62 of the Tao Teh Ching explains the treasure of the Tao and the call for forgiveness.

The Tao is the hidden Reservoir of all things.
A treasure to the honest, it is a safeguard to the erring.

A good word will find its own market.
A good deed may be used as a gift to another.
That a man is straying from the right path
Is no reason that he should be cast away.

Hence, at the Enthronement of an Emperor,
Or at the Installation of the Three Ministers,
Let others offer their discus of jade, following it up with teams of horses;
It is better for you to offer the Tao without moving your feet!

Why did the ancients price the Tao?
Is it not because by virtue of it he who seeks find,
And the guilty are forgiven?
That is why is such a treasure to the world.